Our Story

Super Organic store is a health focused online store that delivers fresh organic and natural food products right at your doorstep at reasonable prices. Easy to shop knowing all products in the store has a higher standard than your average grocery store. Glad I was introduced to this store.


A start up founded by a known Yoga Guru, giving training to various age groups since more than 10 year now, to spread the yoga in society for the maximum benefit of all. Love doing yoga and prefer eating healthy and nutritious vegetarian diet. Yoga Asanas and natural diet provides us with free and most effective method of staying fit physically and mentally.


We are passionate about organic foods. We want you and your family to have better, chemical and pesticide-free options.

Our Values & Mission:

Simply, keeping it real. When it comes to our nutrition products, we don’t cut corners. We like to keep it honest and authentic.

Our vision is to transform the lives of millions of people by helping them fight several lifestyle diseases. We want people to lead a healthy and holistic life by adopting the traditional practice of eating what our grannies taught us.


We believe in providing products of the highest quality curated especially for you. With our retail stores as well as our user-friendly e-commerce website, we aim to provide for all your needs.

Reasons to Buy From Us:

We realize that you have many choices when shopping online for Super foods.

Here are some great reasons to buy from us:



  1. High Quality Super foods: We've done extensive research and shopping around to make sure that all of our Super foods are of the highest quality, and as potent, pure, and nutritious as possible.

  2. Competitive Prices: We aim to keep our prices as low as possible, while still sourcing the highest quality products.

  3. Great Customer Service: We take tremendous pride in offering great customer service. Please feel free to call us anytime at 9891148647, 8851799278 between the hours of 7am to - 9pm

Our Guarantee:

SOS  guarantees purity and offers you food products the way food is supposed to be: 100% pure, natural and free of chemicals.